The challenge is to transform the urban space to give voice and visibility to the people who made history, recovering their memory

Reclaim the streets!

Mutant city  is a
interactive, mutant
and participatory project

Its mission is to grant
and repercussion

to biographies:
of women,
of the LGTBIQ community,

getting their memory back

It works over 2 ECOSYSTEMS

The natural environment

The digital environment

Use Google Maps as platform to show the alternative version to your destination

Where are you heading to? Wow me!

Open your Googlemaps and write your destination

Expand your knowledge, have fun and play

You will get to read, interact, network share, and watch Augmented Reality movies

  Read and interact
Broaden the information through reading in Wikipedia
Interact and get involved with stories

 Reclaim the streets. Feminize them!
Choose the message that best represents you and send it to the digital structure, sharing it across the city

Spread the word. Share to learn
Share on social media

The city has something to tell us
We must use the communicative supports (mupis) and constructive elements of the city as a mean of communication

Let’s tour the cities and expand our collective knowledge

Let’s add historical and ethical values to your day-to-day searching use on Google Maps

Let’s mutate our cities and learn on the road

There are important dates to promote this initiative, such as International Women’s Day (8 March) or International Pride Day (28 June)

I need you, Google Maps

Your platform

Your engagement

Your scope

To give back people the untold stories that builds up our cities.

Empowering citizens so we could all be future storytellers.

To mutate cities into the future without forgettting about the past.